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Breather Tank Kit

Breather Tank Kit

The new Endyn breather kit has been in development for over 4 years. It's designed to provide high performance Honda B series engines with efficient crankcase breathing, while eliminating excessive intake charge oiling and the detonation associated with it.

Regardless of piston ring condition, all Honda VTEC engines all suffer from excessive crankcase pressure at high power and RPM levels. This is caused by extreme piston speed, long camshaft timing events, and a PCV system that is completely inadequate at high throttle angles and low manifold vacuum levels.

Many of today's large displacement B series engines are based on new blocks where Honda deleted the breathing "can" (on the rear of the block), causing these engines really suffer from extreme crankcase pressure (frequently high enough to rush past the seals, blowing the spark plug wires off the plugs.) Pressures like these cause oil and other contaminates to severely degrade the quality of the mixture in the cylinders, reducing power and greatly increasing the possibility of detonation.

The new ENDYN breather kit uses a remote (modified) Moroso tank to separate oil vapors from the air that the engine inhales via the PCV valve, provides two large diameter block located outlets for excessive crankcase pressure, an (off-road only) breather filter to vent vapors to atmosphere, as well as a tank drain-back system to return excess oil to the crankcase under light throttle and deceleration.

The kit comes complete with the Moroso breather tank, Moroso breather element, (2) block vent tubes with aluminum gaskets, PCV valve and neoprene grommet, and all hoses and clamps for installation.